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A commitment to preserve, promote, and progress Filipino cuisine around the world

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“Philippine cuisine, dynamic as any live and growing phase of culture, has changed through history, absorbing influences, indigenizing, adjusting to new technology and tastes, and thus evolving.”

-Doreen G. Fernandez

Taste, Tradition, and Tomorrow

Celebrating the Richness of Filipino Cuisine, Together.

Rooted in the belief that food is a universal language, the Filipino Food Movement is a global movement seeking to preserve the unique culinary traditions of the Philippines’ archipelago while embracing innovative practices that promote sustainability and equity in the Filipino food industry.


We safeguard the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines through initiatives that document recipes, culinary techniques, and indigenous ingredients, so they're passed on to future generations.


We highlight purveyors and culture-bearers who define our culture and elevate Filipino cuisine on the global stage through creation, collaboration, and celebration.


We create platforms for educational and community dialogue and the evolution of our culinary arts, whilst advocating for sustainable practices within the Filipino food industry.

Filipino Food Movement® in Action

Headquartered in the United States with bicoastal board representation, the Filipino Food Movement community has grown internationally. Here's what our volunteer-led nonprofit has been up to:

Featured Recipes

Make Filipino food at home from these recipes of Filipino dishes created by renowned chefs of Filipino cuisine and influencers.

Salamat to Our Sponors

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